The Project - A digital, social initiative - the first of its kind in Israel - specifically targeted at young cancer patients, to give them a community, knowledge and hope.

The Need -  The young 18-40 age group often "fall between the cracks".

These are not young children within their parents’ care, and many are yet to establish themselves as independent adults. They are young people who have left, or are planning to leave, their parents' home.

They deal with issues that are unique to this age group, complex matters such as: studies, careers, young parenthood, fertility and sexuality. To date, no organization has collected and made available all the information relevant to cancer patients in this age group. 

The Concept - A digital portal intended for young cancer patients and their families, that includes vast knowledge drawn from a variety of sources and covering various areas of life.

A community in which young cancer patients, family members, friends and interested parties can talk, ask for advice, share, and sometimes even start a revolution.

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Contact information

Tal Center- Changing the culture of cancer treatment
Organization Id: 580515119
Established in: 2013

Operating locations:
Tel Hashomer medical center

Address: Cancer center, 2ond floor , Tel Hashomer , 52621
Tel: 972.54.792.0569




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