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Zoe was born with a rare form of cancer. She has struggled with cancer for all of her young life. She is now twenty years old and there is no treatment that can help her. Her greatest wish is to take her sister with her to hear the band Queen perform in Tel Aviv.

Chariot of Wishes/Keshet Hamishalot can purchase a custom-fitted ambulance to make this wish and so many others a reality.

CHARIOT OF WISHES/KESHET HAMISHALOT is an organization that was founded in Israel in 2012. Its purpose is to help fulfill a final “travel wish” for a terminally ill adult or child. This means taking the patient in a custom-fitted ambulance to a place or event that has special meaning to him or her. It may be a place in nature, a family outing or a cultural event. Volunteer medical staff accompanies the terminally ill individuals on their “travel wish” as well as close family and friends. The service is available free of charge to people of all races and religions. At this time an ambulance is being rented and just limits the number of travels that be granted.

Each “travel wish” has a significant positive effect on the patient’s end days. It can be a trip filled with love, laughter, peace and recognition of the upcoming death. It can be a life-affirming experience for all participants. A photo album is presented to the patient and loved ones following the outing.

Type of Wishes:

More than 74% are cancer-patients. All patients are accompanied by their close relatives.

Thanks to our Palliative Care Awareness campaign and close cooperation witrh other organizations there is an increase of wish-requests.

Donating will enable to build our own ambulance adapted to the special needs of patients.Through this we will be able to accomodate more wish-requests.

Everyone receives a digital Thank-You-Card for their donation and their help enabling usto accomodate more wishes.

Everyone receives an update after 5 months time. This period will be used for buying and adapting the vehicle into OUR CHARIOT!!! We will present a youtube-link where we will be able to show the first wishes executed thanks to your support!

If you can't contribute financially, please help us spread the word by sharing our video or any of the images on this page! Sharing the campaign on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere else is incredibly helpful to bringing awareness around the campaign & the need for more Chariot-Wishes!

Are you a public figure who wants to help further the cause? Get in touch with us by email:

We are a group of volunteers consisting from either medical staff/medical clowns/social workers/different professional fields /different colors and religions spread around the country….what we have in common besides a big heart and sensitivity is a positive outlook on life and a deep awareness of the need to peaceful closure.

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Keshet Hamishalot
Organization Id: 580563815
Established in: 2012

Address: Mevo Dolev 6 , Yehud - Monoson , 5645406
Tel: +972546863011



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