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Campaign end date: Dec 31, 2015 12:00 AM

Connect with your vision for the sort of country you believe Israel should be!

Now, more than ever, it is crucial!

Support us, help us to continue building trust between Jews and Arabs in Israel

Our success in building trust between Jews and Arabs through circus is well recognized.   Now it is imperative that we take our message of hope to more young people.

That is why we are asking your support with this campaign to run a Circus Group with 
new teenagers, Jews and Arabs, building mutual trust through the magic of circus.   With your help we can reach our target and run the group for its first six months.

Don’t let those who are using violence shape the future.  Support us to continue shaping the future!

Support us in giving all Israel’s children – Jews and Arabs – a positive message for the future!

In these days, more than ever, don’t leave the future in the hands of those using violence who try to destroy our achievements.   There is hope, it is possible and reachable, we know it because we experience it daily, we know it because we meet and talk, daily, with people – Jews and Arabs – who share our vision.   We need your support to continue this vital work and to engage with more kids, teenagers and adults.

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Galilee Circus helps bring about our vision for Israel as a shared, pluralistic, tolerant and safe society for all its citizens, where there is mutual trust and a meaningful and real dialogue between groups who accept each other respectfully.

Here’s a little more information why our work is necessary and how it helps...

The Jewish/Arab conflict has deep and long lasting effects on Jewish, Muslim and Christian children in Israel.   There is a lack of trust as there are few opportunities for children from the different communities to meet.

While the conflict rages on, Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel live largely separate lives with few opportunities for shared discourse or cultural exchange, especially among the youth. This has led to alienation and expressions of racism and prejudice.

We wanted to bring youth together in a safe and encouraging environment.

The Galilee region is evenly divided between Arabs and Jews, and the population is scattered in many small towns and villages. It is an ideal location for the Galilee Circus – one of the flagship projects of the Galilee Foundation for Value Education.  

Galilee Circus is a social circus where Arab and Jewish kids and teenagers come together to build mutual trust and understanding whilst learning and performing circus arts. From small beginnings we have grown in our skills as a circus, whilst building trust and co-operation between Jews and Arabs.

Circus helps make dialogue possible by reducing fears, lowering barriers, and building trust, teaching the art of taking risks for the common good. It demonstrates, to a wide audience, that what appears to be impossible is indeed possible: Jews and Arabs having meaningful social interaction in mutual trust and respect.

The youths and their families have grown to trust one another, become friends, and serve as ambassadors of peace to their home communities and communities throughout Israel and abroad.  

We have been recognized in a new book for children written by one of our supporters, Watch Out for Flying Kids!

Our work shows that when young people come together in genuine trust, adults are willing to follow in their footsteps.

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