The ASIF Mission

ASIF Inc. is a U.S. public charity based in Los Angeles, founded in 2013 by a group of Israelis living in North America who seek new ways to enlarge the supporting bridge between America and Israel.
ASIF's guiding principles are to reinforce local Israeli organizations that are constantly struggling to strengthen Israeli society, build the country, support scientific and technological development, strive for excellency in education and foster the spiritual and cultural aspects of Jewish life in Israel.
We believe that today it is our duty to increase support for Israel's future by exposing Americans to amazing Israeli projects forming a critical part of Israel’s resilience.
​Supporting these projects and organizations ensures a better future for Israel. We invite you to take part and become engaged in the ASIF mission by giving your support today.


ASIF Goals
  • Strengthen Israel's future as a Jewish democratic country and as the cultural and spiritual center for Jews all over the world
  • Facilitate the expression of love and solidarity of Americans, Jews and non-Jews, individuals and corporations, for the State of Israel and its people by supporting charitable projects and causes
  • Implement charitable projects that support and strengthen disadvantaged population sectors, reduce social inequity and strengthen resilience
  • Support the Israeli people during times of crisis