Terms for giving donation to ASIF

  1. As required by US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), ASIF has exclusive legal control over donations received. ASIF has to retain the right to determine the use of these funds in order to protect the tax-deductibility of your donation. However, we take note of your recommendation for the allocation of the donation.


  2. If approved by ASIF team, your donation will be used according to your recommendation and will be transfer to the organization in Israeli Shekels within 21 business days.


  3. ASIF charge a minimum rate for processing fee of 5% that will be deducted from the amount send to the organization.


  4. If, for any reason, ASIF cannot follow the donor's recommendation, we will contact the donor and suggest several alternative organizations and causes eligible to receive grants from ASIF. If the donor refuses, ASIF will fully refund the donation.


  5. ASIF will refund donors only if the donation has not been transferred yet to the organization by the time of the refund request. ASIF will not be able to refund a donation that has been transfer to the organization according to the donor's request. The donor will have no claim against ASF in this case.


  6. ASIF waives all responsibility of any kind for the way the donation was used by the recipient organization.


  7. If the donor wish to receive any kind of Donation Usage Report , he should contact ASIF office.
    Mind that this service might be payable.


General Term of usage agreement