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Mission Statement

Tel-Hai College, an academic powerhouse in the northern periphery of Israel, will lead the academic and scientific activity in the Upper Galilee, continuing the pioneering legacy of excellence and innovation of its founders. The College harnesses the Galilee resources to build value-based academy and innovative scientific inquiry of global significance, attracting talented faculty and staff to the northern most periphery of Israel.

Our Values and Goals

Twenty years since its inauguration as an independent academic institution, the establishment of Tel-Hai continues to be the single most critical event in the modern history of the Upper Galilee.

Tel-Hai today is a top-tier academic institution whose scientist, researchers and academicians harness the singular, incredible resources of the Galilee to produce academia and science of global significance. In the community, in the field. Across the country and around the world – they do so with the same persistent entrepreneurial spirit from the Galilee's pioneering founders.


Tel-Hai's rural location at the northernmost tip of Israel might seem an unlikely setting for a world class academic institution. Yet it is precisely its location that mandates its mission – to create world class academic leadership and cutting edge scientific, transforming Israel's strategic northern region into a center of innovation on a global scale.

Our Impact

Tel-Hai’s proximity to the unique and varied ecosystems of the Hula Valley, the agricultural lands of the region, the bird migration corridor and the country’s northern border communities, has proven a significant factor in its growth from regional college to a strategic center for innovative academia and science. Tel-Hai researchers conduct leading inquiry in a wide range of fields including Agriculture, Archaeology, Environment, Food Technologies, Trauma Studies and more. Much of this is conducted in collaboration with Tel-Hai’s affiliate and partner, MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute, an independent research organization that promotes and conducts research in a multidisciplinary array of fields including plant sciences, chemistry, computational chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology.

Our Future Dreams

Tel-Hai College will continue to lead academic and scientific innovation in Israel's northernmost periphery, as it leverages its activity to serve as the region's most powerful and effective engine for social and economic growth.

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