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Dream Doctors are active during crises, national emergencies and natural disasters throughout the world, attempting to reach the injured population to prevent the development of post-trauma. A special team of Dream Doctors has undergone training for this specialty.

Up to now, the Project has been operating on two major fronts: one is when Israel is under attack, such as during the Second Lebanon War, Operation Cast Lead (War in Gaza, 2006), Operation Pillar of Defense (War in Gaza, 2012) and Operation Protective Edge (War in Gaza, 2014), with the second “front” in zones of natural disaster abroad, such as the tsunami in Thailand or the earthquake in Haiti.

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Contact information

The Dream Doctors Project
Organization Id: 580515120
Established in: 2002

Operating locations:
Israel and disaster zones around the world

Address: Derech HaShalom 7A , Tel Aviv , 6789208
Tel: +972 3 7265561
Fax: +972 3 5422723

Email: contact@philnor.org.il

Website: www.dreamdoctors.org.il


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