Galilee Foundation for Value Education

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together individuals from groups who would not normally meet and engage in meaningful dialogue  because of their different ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds – so as to achieve our vision for the Galilee and Israel as a shared, pluralistic, tolerant and safe society for all its citizens.

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Our Values and Goals

Our goal is the fostering of mutual understanding and cooperation in the Galilee between between Jews and Arabs and between the various ideological and religious streams in Judaism.   We achieve this goal through our core values:

  • We believe that educational activities are not only a reflection and perpetuation of existing social realities, but can be a formative influence, playing a role in changing individuals and thereby in''changing the social order.
  • We believe that self-knowledge and self-awareness – in individuals and in groups – are crucial for generating the security in one's own identity that is the basis for openness to and respect for the identities of others.
  • We believe that there cannot be harmony without knowledge of "the other" – not only knowledge on the factual level of history and culture, but also on the human level of familiarity with his/her hopes and fears, aspirations and disappointments. This implies the need both for study and for direct personal encounter.
  • We believe that it is important to learn to live with complexity: reality is rich and often confusing. Intergroup understanding is furthered when we face that richness with humility – and not when we seek to simplify it into slogans.
  • We believe that the Galilee as a region – with its unique combination of human and natural resources – can serve as a laboratory and demonstration site for realizing a vision of a society based on intergroup harmony and cooperation.

Our Impact

We impact two main constituencies: the children and youth who participate in our programs, whose influence we see impacting their families and communities; but also the individuals and groups of students and adults who participate in our encounters, seminars, tours, workshops and performances, and are inspired and encouraged by the positive message that change for the better is possible.

We continue to see huge progress over the 20+ years we have been in existence, though of course the complex daily impact of the reality of Israel serves to remind us that we have set out upon a long road to which we are fully committed.

Our Future Dreams

Our vision is for Israel to be a shared, pluralistic, tolerant and safe society for all its citizens, where there is mutual trust and a meaningful and real dialogue between groups who accept each other respectfully.

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Galilee Foundation for Value Education
Organization Id: 580164531
Established in: 1991

Operating locations:
Galilee region, Israel

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