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Mission Statement

The Maaleh School of Film and Television is dedicated to exploring Israel, Judaism, and modernity through the visual language of film. Maaleh is a boutique film school that values tradition together with the best of Western humanitarian values. Students create artistic and inspiring stories that share their world, their hopes and dreams, fears and challenges. In public and private screenings, the films build bridges across all sectors of the Jewish world and between Israel and the world at large.

Maaleh expanded its mission to include filmmaking as a tool for social change. In 2001, Maaleh hosted the first VideoTherapy workshop and in 2014 opened the vocational track for Ultra‐ Orthodox women.

Our Values and Goals

We recognize the power of the medium of film to communicate, to heal, to empower and to entertain.  Our aim is to equip our students to harness that power as they explore and share their Jewish and Israeli identity and examine the full range of human rights.

Maaleh graduate films expose thousands of people to Israeli culture, Judaism and Jewish values at film festivals and in film events at the Maaleh Visitor Center and in communities around the world. These films have become an important tool for cultural and educational programs and for Israeli public relations.


Our Impact

Jewish Identity and Connecting to Israel

Graduate  films are screened to trigger discussion about Jewish identity and issues facing Israel today. Thousands of visitors participate in screenings and discussions with Maaleh students and graduates in the Maaleh Visitor Center in Jerusalem and in hundreds of venues around the world.



Using a technique methodology pioneered by Maaleh, filmmaking workshops are conducted for special populations i.e., atrisk youth, the disabled, immigrants, victims of trauma, relatives of fallen soldiers.

Each group, guided by a filmmaker and a therapist uses creative exercises, scriptwriting, filming, editing, and film production to touch their pain, express themselves and find healing.


Ultra-Orthodox Women's Track

 1-year course in professional filmmaking for Ultra-Orthodox women teaches the necessary filmmaking skills to create public relations films, short documentaries, and videos for family and community events. The course also includes basic business skills empowering students to open small businesses and pursue a path toward economic self-sufficiency.

Our Future Dreams

After a devastating fire at Maaleh in 2014, an immediate dream is to rebuild and expand our facility.  We are on the way, but still need additional help.


As we continue to grow physically and in the number of students, graduates and visitors, we expand the number of people positively influenced by Maaleh's work.  We look forward to the day when Ma'aleh will be the international center for creation and sharing of Jewish and Israeli culture and art via films.


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Contact information

The Maaleh Film School
Organization Id: 580201309
Established in: 1989

Operating locations:
Jerusalem and around the world

Address: 20 Shivtei Yisrael Street , Jerusalem , 95105
Tel: 02.6277366
Fax: 02-6277331




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