About Us

ASIF Inc. is a U.S. public charity based in Los Angeles, founded in 2013 by a group of Israelis living in North America who seek new ways to enlarge the supporting bridge between America and Israel.
ASIF's guiding principles are to reinforce local Israeli organizations that are constantly struggling to strengthen Israeli society, build the country, support scientific and technological development, strive for excellency in education and foster the spiritual and cultural aspects of Jewish life in Israel.
We believe that today it is our duty to increase support for Israel's future by exposing Americans to amazing Israeli projects forming a critical part of Israel’s resilience.
​Supporting these projects and organizations ensures a better future for Israel. We invite you to take part and become engaged in the ASIF mission by giving your support today.


ASIF Goals
  • Strengthen Israel's future as a Jewish democratic country and as the cultural and spiritual center for Jews all over the world
  • Facilitate the expression of love and solidarity of Americans, Jews and non-Jews, individuals and corporations, for the State of Israel and its people by supporting charitable projects and causes
  • Implement charitable projects that support and strengthen disadvantaged population sectors, reduce social inequity and strengthen resilience
  • Support the Israeli people during times of crisis

Naomi Ackerman Founder & President Los Angeles, California Follwo Me !

Founder and director of the Advot Project a registered 501(c) 3 that uses theater for social change, Naomi’s curriculum “Relationships 101” is being implemented in schools and juvenile detention camps. Her acclaimed one-woman show addressing the issue of domestic violence, “Flowers Aren’t Enough,” has been performed over 1,600 times globally. Naomi works as a consultant, using drama techniques to deal with social, gender and educational issues. as well as exploring identity and promoting tolerance. A founding member of “View Points”, an Arab Jewish theater group sponsored and produced by the “Peres Center for Peace,” and founder of the Jerusalem Municipality children’s clown school, Naomi is an educator, actor, writer, social activist, mediator and conflict resolution specialist. For the past two decades she has used art to promote peace, evolve change and encourage self-empowerment.

Daniel Shriqui Founder & Treasurer Toronto, Canada Follwo Me !

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Shilat Consulting, a philanthropic consulting service based in Toronto, Canada. Over the last decade he has gained experience in planning and executing philanthropic projects in Israel and was the CEO of the Magi Foundation and the Philnor Foundation. For five years, Daniel was the director of The Dream Doctors Project, a fast-growing medical clowning project throughout Israel, which gained a worldwide reputation for its innovation and leadership in developing medical clowning into an officially-recognized profession. He was also in charge of many charitable projects in the field of health, education, and advancing underprivileged populations. During recent years he was also highly involved in resource development and fundraising in Europe and North America for several projects and Israeli NGOs. As a high-ranking IDF paratroop commander as well as a CEO of nonprofits, Daniel gained extensive experience in planning, executing, and managing complex projects in partnerships with other NGOs and with the Israeli government. He earned an MBA from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, and an MA in Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Anat Sadan Founder & Secretary Los Angeles, California Follwo Me !

Anat was born and raised in Israel and moved to the USA in 1994. Anat is a professional classical percussionist, who studied at the Academy of Music in Jerusalem and played with the best orchestras in Israel: The IPO, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Beer Sheva Symphony Orchestra. She has also played music for Les Misérables, Evita, Blood Brothers and other musicals in Israel and also managed and played in Kalimba, a percussion group in Israel, with more than 1000 concerts in Israel and abroad. After moving to the USA, Anat received her B.Mus. from the University of New Orleans, a Graduate Certificate in Jewish Education, and an M.A. in Jewish Studies from Gratz College. Anat has been teaching music in nursery and elementary schools in New Orleans and Cleveland for 15 years and since 2009 is part of MATI, Israeli Cultural Center in Los Angeles as a City Branch Director and as the CEO from 2012. MATI is a non-profit Organization serving the Los Angeles Israeli and American communities and working with various organizations. Anat has been a Member of the Board of MATI since 2011.